Livia Formisani, Multilingual Journalist & Writer

Journalist & Writer

Livia Formisani. Multilingual Journalist & Writer. Articles, Case Studies and Content Marketing in English, French, Italian and German. Contact: info at

(Portrait by  Anissa Tijani )

(Portrait by Anissa Tijani)

Livia Formisani was born in Gaeta, Italy. She began learning English at the age of 5 and French at 11. With a Master of Arts in Philosophy from the University of Pisa, in 2007 she went after her lifelong dream of living abroad. She has lived in Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and currently resides in Luxembourg.
After several years working in IT and Publishing, Livia decided in 2015 to focus on her passion for writing, and has since contributed to several print and online magazines. She is a Contributing Editor for American Express Essentials, OverturePlatea Magazine, Expedia France, Babbel and Eniday. She writes and interviews in English, French, Italian and German.

In her free time, Livia loves to hike, play the violin, and visit science museums and astronomical observatories. Her favourite place on the Pale Blue Dot is Kyoto, Japan. In addition to her journalistic endeavours, she is also working on two novels.

For any information about her writing services, or simply to get in touch, feel free to contact Livia or connect on social media.


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